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Fritz field is open and fully operational

as of October 2014
after road damage from the floods of April was repaired. 
Both the Glider AND Power sites are available for full use. 

Powered flight is permitted from 8:00 a.m. to sunset daily with electric and gliders welcome to fly at any time. 

Visitors are welcomed and encouraged. 
If the gate is open then come on in and enjoy.  As a reminder, the last member leaving please close and lock the gate.

Congratulations to our new President

Charles (C.J.) McMahan

We'd also like to say thank you to our outgoing President

Rick Hogue, Bob Yearty for staying on as Secretary,

and all of the other officers and people who volunteer their time

and resources to help keep the club going.

We're all looking forward to the coming year

Fritz Field is Open for limited use 

North field is accessed by walking only from the bridge.  South Field has modified usage due to mixture of glider and limited power flight using the same field.  Members using either field MUST familiarize themselves with the modified usage rules PRIOR to any use of any portion of Fritz Field – north or south.

Fly safe.

Elections for President and Secretary will take place at the June meeting of NFMI

Two nominations for President have been received, Mark Dill and Charles (C.J) McMahan.  Bob Yearty is unopposed for Secretary.

Below is a short bio for each of the nominees for President:

Mark Dill:
Recently joined NFMI as I get back into modeling after a 15 year absence.  AMA #126438.  I began RC'ing back in '82 and have been involved with primarily fixed wing prop but have also enjoyed ducted fan, helicopter and car segments of the hobby...all nitro powered until now as I'm all gasoline at this time.  I've run fun-flies, demonstrations and such with each club I've been a member of from Okinawa, Texas, Idaho, Arizona, North Carolina and over in England but never anything more "official".  Hard core RC from '82 through '98 when I moved to Pensacola and became more involved in other hobbies.  I'm retired Air Force and was a pilot most of the time in both the F-111E/F and F-15E until I became stationed at NAS Pensacola flying T-2Cs for the Navy.  I was also a pilot for United Airlines for a short time until 9/11events and now teach new guys to fly for the Navy, Marine Corps, etc.  That's my nutshell story.  

C.J. McMahan:

          Hello Club Members - Just a few words to introduce myself, my name is Charles McMahan and have been part of the club sense 2005. During that time I have been an Over The Road truck driver only home a couple of times a year, but when I was home I still wanted to do my part to help bring new members to the club, by being an Intro Pilot for the club, for the last four years. With the limited time we were home, my wife and I have sponsored the annual Toys for Tots event for the last 4 years as well and enjoyed every minute of it. We have seen the event grow each year with more donations and people in attendance that we ever expected.

NOW:  I no longer drive a truck Over the Road, and I’m HOME FULL TIME, I have the time to dedicate to help the club grow.


Final vote count takes place with ballots from those attending the June meeting, in the meantime voting is available via email to  or snail mail to NFMI, Post Office Box 37702, Pensacola, FL  32526.

Fritz Field is
Currently Closed
Due to Storm Damage
Stay Tuned for Updates
on Repairs


I am working on getting all flyers back to the field.  Road to glider field is in a condition that we can use. Want to thank the people that placed material in wash out area of road from our supply pile.

Bridge is safe to walk across at present time. Driving across is blocked by guard rail and weak asphalt on the approach to each side.  Water flow over the bridge was about one foot plus.  What I would like to get from the land fill group is permission to use the bridge as a foot path to north field to keep the area mowed.

For all members to use the south field we will have to work together. People with small tires on aircraft will have to go to double sizes, with good mufflers. Best of all would be to go all electric power ( power flyers and some glider drivers) for the repair period of our bridge.

Mowing of south field by our equipment will have to be done by volunteers bring there own, or finding one of the power gentlemen to do the work for you with return work for the north field.

Thanks for your patience

Nick Elston

NWFM inc   Field Coordinator


We will be locked out of Fritz Field until bridge is repaired. Received call from land fill personnel.  Our lock is completely by passed.  Approaches to  both ends of bridge have been undermined. Guard rail is blocking one end as you can see in Ricks photos.   

In talking to land fill it sound to me like the main problem will be the two approaches to bridge. They will have a engineer inspect bridge support system.  Now the main problem with this will be when will they do this inspection?  Now we can use Bronson site for flying until we get Fritz Field back.  Start rebuilding or building while we wait for field bridge to be repaired

Nick Elston

Field Coordinator.

Civil Air Patrol
Education Weekend
Was a Great Success
A Good Time Was Had By All
Link to Group 1 AEW article

NFMI Lt. Col. Dean
 NFMI with Lt. Col. Dean

Rick accepting plaque

Rick accepting plaque from Lt. Col. Dean

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