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As a reminder Fritz Field is CLOSED TO ALL FLYERS DURING THANKSGIVING 11/24/2017 AND CHRISTMAS 12/25/2017. DO NOT FLY AT Fritz field during these dates.

Fritz field is open daily
North Hill for powered flight is accessable but only to cross the bridge by walking across. The pile of dirt has been moved so now you can pull a wagon across the bridge but foot traffic only.

OPERATING HOURS ARE 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to Dark Monday thru Friday

Fritz field will be CLOSED TO EVERYONE on Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.

FRITZ FIELD Has established new rules effective 4/25/2016. North/South runway ALL PLANE TYPES But Planes only, East/West runway for nitro and electric Heli's only.
There is a sound limit of 70 decibels at property line.
All Gas planes will be required to be tested before you fly ("I did not know" will not be allowed for a excuse).
Any Nitro fueled airplanes that is not equipped with factory exhaust will need to be tested. ("i did not know" will not be allowed for a excuse). If you think your plane should be tested, Lets get it tested.

The sound limit for the testing for any airplane will be a limit of 96 decibles at 20 feet on runway surface.

Each pilot will be responsible for his or her actions including ZERO Tolerance that may lead up to punishment if rules are broken.

Each pilot will be required to fly within the county owned property that is inside the tree line from all corners all directions so you must NOT FLY OVER THE TREES.

Each pilot is required to have a spotter at all times  until further notice
no exceptions.

If there is a video evidence of any Radio Controlled aircraft flying over the trees as per our ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.
First offence 2 Week Suspension to the entire club every person every flying type of plane (not to include gliders).

Second offence 4 Week Suspension to the entire club every person every flying type of plane (not to include gliders).

We are located at the north end of Jamesville Road off of Mobile Highway in the old landfill in Beulah.  I
f the gate is open then come on in and enjoy.

Visitors are welcomed and encouraged.

Congratulations to our new Secretary Gary Lee.

We'd also like to say thank you to our outgoing Secretary Bob Yearty for his 12 years of service as Secretary, our club will always appreciate your hard work and dedication from your past years of service, Gary will have his hands full filling Bob's shoes as the new Secretary.

The club will always appreciate all of the other officers and club members who volunteer their time and resources to help keep the club going and we definately look forward to the coming year.


$12 for T-Shirts
$17 for the POLO Shirts

Next Club Meeting will be March 7, 2017

Saturday Feb 25 Partly sunny high near 71 north winds 10 to 15 gusting to 20.
Sunday Feb 26 Sunny high near 67, northeast winds near 10 becoming southeast by the afternoon.

Open House 2016 was a HUGE SUCCESS Send out a huge applause to everyone that put on a awesome performance and a huge thankyou for everyone that did a spectacular job on a job well done. NFMI expresses a TREMENDOUS grattitude to everyone that helped in making OPEN HOUSE 2016 to happen with great honor.
Be sure to check out Facebook for posted pictures and videos.

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